Changing the Way You Engage Inspires Innovation and Delivers Results

A Silicon Valley tech CEO faced significant challenges teaming with a board that was in disarray and working from different agendas. Recognizing the sensitivity of this situation, Cooper Solutions engaged with the CEO to determine his leadership goals and elevated his perspective of the situation. This shift of mindset allowed him to change how he engaged with the board. Due in part to the CEO’s ability to maintain relationships and communicate his vision, the board realigned and he led his company to greater innovation and results.

Strengthening Relationships Creates A United Plan For The Future

The executive team of a global communications company struggled to find agreement when it came to the organization’s direction and plan for the future. A mix of founding and new members had resulted in factions that halted progress and kept them from achieving their goals. Based on interviews, surveys and research data, Cooper Solutions co-created a customized team alignment program that strengthened relationships and communications. This work resulted in a united direction and plan for a more digital future for the organization.

The Human Side of Change Builds a Team that is Fulfilled and Empowered

A professional services firm focused on multiple acquisitions over a period of three years but needed assistance in determining how to assess the human capital return. Cooper Solutions discovered a need to create a dedicated Mergers & Acquisitions transition team to manage the human side of the change in order to maintain human capital assets and maximize the ROI of each acquisition. Creating a dedicated M&A Change Cadre, trained in interpersonal skills and managing the human side of change, resulted in lower turnover, higher satisfaction, faster and greater ROI.