Gwen Cooper, M.A., PCC, NBC-HWC

Gwen has over 20 years of global and cross-industry experience in leadership and organizational consulting. With a strong focus in Leadership Development and Coaching, Organizational Change, Organizational Effectiveness and Learning & Development, Gwen has played an active role over the years in providing solutions including, but not limited to the areas of leading mergers & integrations, human capital strategy, system implementation and applying design thinking to the practice of organizational and people transformation. During her time as a CIA National Clandestine officer, Gwen led the first effort to upgrade officer field competencies to address evolving global security threats.

Gwen volunteers with Refugee Transitions, supporting families who relocate to the SF Bay area. For the last five years, Gwen has been a member of the number one fundraising team for San Francisco Purplestride, the walk to fight pancreatic cancer.

Charles Jones, M.A., PCC

After 18 years as an Operations Officer and leader in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Charles held the National Clandestine Service Leadership Development Chair developing and executing leadership development programs. He enjoys the process of facilitating learning and creating favorable conditions for people to create their own vision of personal development. He takes a practical approach to professional development based on extensive experience in coaching, mentoring and leading junior and senior managers throughout his career. He understands the pressures of leadership and focuses on bringing awareness, learning, and ultimately change to managers and their environments. Charles believes that by bringing awareness to individuals and teams through coaching and leadership education, leaders can start the process of recognizing and appreciating who they are today and how they would like to evolve tomorrow.

Charles serves as a volunteer court mediator and enjoys motorcycle trips.

Glen Greenlee, M.S.

Having spent a majority of his career as a leader in healthcare consulting, Glen focused on creating and implementing solutions for providing healthcare to publicly insured populations. His expertise in Data Analytics and Change Management has allowed him to apply methodologies that prepare and support organizational change for the better. He looks at all aspects of operations from business processes to budget allocations. He is driven by the ability to evolve organizational operations by equipping and supporting team members with data and strategies they need to adopt and sustain change at all levels of an organization.

Glen has served as a deacon at his church for over 15 years, enjoys photography and kayaking.